Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How Family-Owned Ebert Construction Makes Clients Money

As a family-owned business in operation since 1968, Ebert Construction has played a significant role in the construction, remodeling, restoration, and/or conversion of hundreds of commercial properties throughout Minnesota. That said, to refer to them as a “general contractor” is to sell them short. In addition to building, they also specialize in a number of construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry services, that are used for many types of projects, and not just construction from the ground up.

For example, in addition to construction and building renovation, Ebert Construction also provides tenant representation services that can help any business acquire the best possible facilities for their needs, whether their goal is lease or purchase. They assist their clients with calculating space requirements and evaluating potential alternatives, as well. The fine professionals at Ebert Construction also possess the skill to negotiate the best lease and acquisition terms, prepare any relevant documents, and they can even work out the details and even carry out the move from your old facilities to the new ones they helped you acquire.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Ebert Construction Can Build More Than Buildings

The people who work at family-owned Ebert Construction in Minnesota are very talented in many aspects of construction, real estate and business. They also believe strongly in taking a team approach to their work, which means they are always happy to help clients with every aspect of the development. They can help with more than the construction or renovation of their properties and facilities. They also had the ability to handle every aspect of the real estate acquisition and development process, from estimating and budgeting the project to every aspect of acquisition and engineering.

If that isn’t sufficient enough for your situation, Elbert Construction can also help clients develop the most effective long-range strategies for their real estate activities and identify the most lucrative real estate opportunities. Put simply, Ebert Construction doesn't just build stuff, they will help your business meet many of its commercial and financial objectives. Their construction management services and real estate services mean they can analyze market opportunities to get every client the best possible deal, and perform financial modeling and conduct thorough market research they can develop the property for its fullest potential.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

What Full Service Means to Ebert Construction

Not to put too fine a point on it, Ebert Construction doesn't just build stuff, like most contractors. On most project, a company will handle a lot of the preliminary processes, then hire someone to build the structure and then either run it themselves or hire someone to do so. However, when someone hires Ebert Construction, they can do almost everything to help any client meet its commercial and financial objectives.

In addition to high quality building construction services, Ebert Construction also features construction management services and real estate services. There is a lot more, though. The wide variety of services available to their clients means they can assist with nearly any aspect of the commercial construction process and beyond. They can help to plan the project, help to acquire everything, then build the structure. Of course, they can also analyze market opportunities to get every client the best possible deal and then conduct the most thorough and complete market research necessary to make sure the client’s financial needs are met and to make sure the property has been developed to its fullest potential.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Core of Ebert Construction

Launched in 1968, Ebert Construction was developed specifically as a contracting firm specializing in non-residential construction as well as residential construction. Their headquarters are based in Minnesota and the firm currently offers concrete, masonry and carpentry services as well as brokerage services and planning assistance. Over the years, they have expanded their business services to include project management and pre-engineered steel buildings as well expanded their brokerage and planning services. They have become a one stop shop for many of their customers and their efficiencies have earned them much respect in their field.

One of the main core values that has made Ebert Construction a success is their commitment to successful project management. While many companies develop based on the bottom line, they develop based on completing the projects they start with excellence. They believe that the success of your project is a reflection of their commitment to excellence and that is why they work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction from project conception to final fruition. You can expect quality craftsmanship and seamless services, delivered on time and within your budget on every project, regardless of size or complexity. The core values of a company speak volumes to the way it runs overall and the way that it finds success. Work with Ebert Construction and see how they can bring your project to completion with excellence.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Planning Services from Ebert Construction

Ebert Construction is a company that is prepared to assist you with more than just construction, they are experts in strategic planning services as well. Let them help you to develop effective long-range strategies for your real estate activities and identify significant real estate opportunities utilizing their experience and knowledge. They can help you analyze and integrate strategic initiatives that align with your unique business and financial objectives.

They are also equipped to assist with research, analysis and planning for you as an individual or company. Research, analysis, and planning are fundamental to all aspects of commercial real estate and by pooling their core team member’s knowledge and expertise, they are able to advise with excellence. Each of the Ebert Construction team members is an authority in their respective market areas and they are able to help you fully anticipate and comprehend real-estate trends in order to better plan and implement real-estate objectives. This will also allow you to arm your business with critical data that you can use to make smarter decisions including utilizing historical transactions and ownership records as well as leasing and occupancy statistics, product availability, and economic trends and indicators.

In addition to these planning services and analytics and research, Ebert Construction also specializes in commercial general contracting and construction management. They pride themselves in being able to evaluate, assemble and lead a team of construction professionals to meet your project’s individual needs. Their project managers, job superintendents and subcontractors work intricately with one another as well as with you, the customer, in order to balance even the most complex designs, tight schedules and limited budgets.